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We love all reptiles and amphibians - big or small. We rehabilitate reptiles and give them a new lease on life to teach people about how to protect endemic reptile species in our amazing reptile shows. Read below to learn more.


The Reptile Sanctuary was built by Mark Pelley - The Snake Hunter and his 5 girls with. Funds for the sanctuary came from catching snakes in the Diamond Creek and surrounding area as well as performing our amazing reptile shows. All proceeds from our shows go back into the sanctuary to look after, treat, feed and house the reptiles. Almost all of our reptiles came from homes where they were unwanted, neglected or were otherwise injured, sick, pet shop rejects or were "odd" looking. At  the Reptile Sanctuary, the more odd the reptile, the more at home they will be. Some of our animals came to us blind, missing limbs, genetically abnormal underweight, with injuries or illness. They are treated and fattened up by our dedicated staff to be healthy and well enough to participate in our amazing 'Rescued Reptile Shows'.

At our reptile shows in Melbourne, you can hold the animals in our hands on interactive and educational programs tailored to suit your school, business or organisational needs. We bring rescue animals and customise each show for what it is that you're after. We temporarily take reptiles out of the Reptile Sanctuary and transport them to your place for an amazing reptile show. At the show, these reptiles have a new lease on life teaching people to be good and kind to animals.

Whether you have a reptile that you can't care for anymore, or know of someone who may have this as well, The Reptile Sanctuary can help. We pass no judgement, instead just do our best to give the reptiles a 2nd chance in life.

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Environmental Awareness

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Keep them healthy

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Hold the Reptiles

Want to learn how to hold a reptile in person in our show?

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