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Our Rescue Animals are given a 2nd chance in life where they have a happy life teaching kids and adults to better understand native reptiles. Call us to book in your next Rescued Reptile Show!

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Most of the animals in the "Rescued Reptile Shows" come from unwanted or neglected homes. These reptiles are then looked after and have a 2nd chance at life teaching schools, kindergartens, businesses and more about the importance of endemic reptiles and wildlife here in Australia.

At our reptile shows in Melbourne, you can hold the animals in our hands on interactive and educational programs tailored to suit your school, business or organisational needs. We bring rescue animals and customise each show for what it is that you're after. We temporarily take reptiles out of the Reptile Sanctuary and transport them to your place for an amazing reptile show. At the show, these reptiles have a new lease on life teaching people to be good and kind to animals.

We can bring the most amazing animals to you including (but not exclusive to): Crocodiles, Frogs, Dragons, Lizards, Geckos, Pythons, Venomous Snakes, baby snakes, Shingle Backs, Turtles, Monitors and more! Our animals are amazing and love to be held, get photos with you and to teach you about their important role in the environment.

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Hold The Reptiles!

They love to be cuddled!

At RESCUED REPTILE SHOWS, our amazingly rehabilitated and trained animals love to be held and cuddled or pose on your hands, shoulder or head for a photograph!

As you can see all of our reptiles are very photogenic and are very cute and friendly. You can hold the reptiles in our hands on reptile shows in Melbourne tailored for your school, fate, show, event or more.

Rescued Reptiles come from unwanted homes are are given a second chance to teach people about how wonderful our native species of reptiles are.

To learn more about our Reptile Sanctuary, Click HERE.

School Reptile Shows

Teaching Students About Native Wildlife

We tailor our school reptile shows specifically for each grade or year level. At foundation levels, children learn about what are the different reptiles and what to do if they're seen.

The knowledge about reptiles gradually increases up until VCE levels where students participating in our reptile shows will learn about food webs, ecology, biodiversity of animals, and much more.

All students (And teachers) will also learn about venomous snake safety and awareness as part of the school programs too.

Community Groups

A big focus of Rescued Reptile Shows is on community education particularly for Not for Profit community groups to learn about Australian animals.

With a particular focus on migrant and non English speaking communities our Rescued Reptile Shows can be tailored specifically to your oganisation no matter what it is.

We have run reptile shows for those of Non English speaking backgrounds, people with disabilities, small education providers, and much more.

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Snake Safety Training


One of our most popular shows is Venomous Snake Safety Training for emergency personnel or businesses. Our Snake Safety Reptile Shows have been provided to Victoria Police, CFA Diamond Creek as well as schools, Australia Post and other places that may come across venomous snakes.

With Australia having the most venomous snakes in the world, and many of them living right here in Melbourne, Snake Safety Training could be one of the best things you do for your staff.

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Our Reptile Shows are Extremely popular at Events such as grand opening days for shops, Town Fairs and Festivals, School Fates, Major Shows and more.

We can bring all of our amazing reptiles on show for people to hold and handle. We can also bring amazing venomous creatures to go on display (in safe glass enclosures) that really get people's attention. For more information, click on the link below:

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Native Snakes of Melbourne

Keep your Cat Indoors

Hold The Reptiles

Venomous Snake Shows

Learn about Australia's most venomous snakes HERE

Environmental Awareness

Learn about the impact that we have on native animals

Keep them healthy

Want to know how to look after native reptiles? Click below.

Hold the Reptiles

Want to learn how to hold a reptile in person in our show?

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